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Sexting 101 for College Students

At the Text Message Blog, you know we kind of have a thing for sexting. We’ve covered the sexting escapades of Tiger Woods and talked about how anybody could be so stupid as to lose Eva Longoria over sexting.

In fact, this isn’t the first time we’ve reported on the sexting habits of college students Heck, we’ve even covered the sexting habits of the Amish.

Sexting and the College Student

Valentine’s Day Text Message Facts

Happy Valentine's Day from the Text Message Blog

Happy Valentine

It’s Valentine’s Day and we wanted to give you some fun facts on text messaging and this special day of love.

  • 1 of 5 Americans have been dumped by text message.  In the UK, it’s 1 in 10.
  • 17% of Americans have said “I Love You” for the first time via text.
  • 68% have sent a love note via text.
  • 67% have flirted via text.
  • 25% of Americans text their partner at least 10 times per day.
  • 40% have deleted a text message from another potential mate, because they didn’t want their partner to see it.
  • 42% have checked their partner’s mobile phone for messages from others.
  • 17% of 15-year-olds have sent a sexually suggestive photo via their cell phone.
  • 10% of those under 25 have sent a text message while having sex.

Now, that’s the true meaning of sexting.

Sexting: The New Booty Text

When will people learn?  Especially famous people.

Anthony Weiner's wife Huma Abedin

Anthony Weiner's desires

US Representative Anthony Weiner did it and was forced to resign because of it.  New York Congressman Chris Lee resigned also this year after sending a photo to a woman he met on Craigs List.  Both failed to recognize the damage that sexting caused to former pro quarterback Brett Favre.

So chances are that Weiner and Lee won’t be the last to get nailed in our modern society where sexting can lead to big time trouble; just ask Jesse James, Tony Parker, and Tiger Woods.

Research indicates that sexting is becoming more and more common.  The Pew Internet and American Life Project last year found that 15% of teens have received a “sexually suggestive image or video of someone they know” by text message.  The study also showed the 6% of adults 18+ have sent a nude or nearly nude photo of themselves via text message.  15% of adults reported having received such photos.

For 14 to 17-year-olds, 24% had engaged in “some form of naked sexting,” according to a study conducted by MTV.  Of those 18 to 24, the figure rises to 33%.

So, why do people continue to do it?  Especially adults who should know better.

The public release of such pictures can possibly bring down a career, but the consequences for ordinary people are that it could bring down a marriage.

“People do it because sex meets a lot of our needs and we often don’t have a partner available or willing,” said Lara West, a couples therapist in Louisville, Kentucky.  The sexter also finds it easier to express her desires online than in person.

People who go outside their marriage and engage in sexting often don’t feel as though they have done anything wrong.  They don’t consider it cheating if they didn’t actually have sex.  But, not surprisingly, the offended partner feels differently.  If a partner feels betrayed, then it is cheating.

The start of the booty call any more isn’t actually a telephone call; that takes too much effort and can be embarrassing.  It really should be called a booty text.

But, one thing is for sure.  There is no technology out there that has yet to be invented that will protect you from doing something stupid.

Sexting Students Often Depressed

Sexting teens depressionHigh school students who sext — the term for texting sexually suggestive or explicit messages or photos — are more likely to be depressed, a new study reveals.

The preliminary findings of an Education Development Center study show 13% of students engage in sexting, 10% of students have sent sexts in the past year, and 5% have sent sexually explicit photos of themselves. The teens involved in sexting were more likely to attempt suicide (13% vs. 3%) and were twice as likely to report depressive behaviors (36% vs. 17%).

The study, which does not specify whether sexting causes depression or vice versa, polled 23,000 teens in Boston’s western suburbs. The students polled are mainly from middle or upper class communities and 74% are white, making the findings most applicable to similar groups.

College Students Text Message Habits

The vast majority of college students today use smartphones and 3/4 don’t pay for their own cell phone bill.

Think you are paying a lot for college costs? Consider that your young adult student may not be paying as much attention in class as you may have thought. 88% send a text message during class!

Generation Mobile
Created by: HackCollege

Sexting: A new way of life for teens and college students

Now a day’s texting seems a new way of life for teens and college students. Fingers are moving on the keypad in rapid fire and there is more, they are not sending innocent text anymore. According to a new study finding sexts – sexually suggestive texts and images sent over cellphones – may be common fare. Almost 80 percent of college students have received suggestive text messages, and more than half of all college students have received sexually suggestive images via text messaging.

78 percent of 204 college students said they have received sexually suggestive text messages, and 56 percent said they have received suggestive images. Two-thirds of the group admitted to sexting, with 73 percent of those messages sent to a relationship partner.

According to the researchers, from the University of Rhode Island’s Department of Human Development and Family Studies 10%  of the sexual texts, however, were forwarded to friends without the consent of the person who originally sent the message.

Under a new Rhode Island law enacted July 12, anyone younger than 18 who creates and sends sexually explicit images of themselves will be charged with a “status offense,” an act considered punishable only when committed by an underage person, such as drinking. Adults and minors who possess or forward sexual images of anyone younger than 18 may be charged under the state’s child pornography laws.But researchers warn that under the new law, older teens may be faced with legal action if they send sexually explicit content to a friend or love interest who they thought was 18 or older.

Amish Sexting

It may come as a surprise that many Amish people use cell phones and therefore, also use text messaging.  But, one Amish man probably wishes that he’d never learned how to send a text message.

Willard Yoder, 21, an Amish man living in Indiana, has been arrested for allegedly solicting sex in his horse and buggy from a 12-year-old girl, according to the Connersville Police Department.

Yoder was caught in an undercover sting by the police last week when he drove his horse and buggy to an Indiana restaurant to meet the girl.  Yoder had sent a text message saying that the “sex act would happen inside the buggy.”

When the girl’s parents found out about the text, they took control of the cell phone and continued to communicate with Yoder.  Yoder sent over 600 texts to the girl along with nude photos and explicit videos.

It is not expected that Yoder is related to any NFL quarterbacks.

Sexting Costs Another Marriage

LIEING: Sexting is lieing.


Tony Parker has to be asking himself:  was it worth losing one of the most beautiful women in the world?  That’s what his sexting did.

Sexting is the sending and receiving of sexy text messages, often accompanied by provocative pictures.  Just ask the others who have been caught by sexting.

‘Sexting’ has taken off as one of the newest trends, and with the popularity of phones like the Blackberry, romance by text message is for many couples, the new form of love expression.

‘Sexting’ can involve flirtatious conversations and sending of risqué pictures. Although many see this as innocent talk, the issue is great enough to end marriages, as is suspected in the Longoria/Parker divorce.

‘Sexting’ is fine between couples who are together, but the problems arise when a third party, or other parties, become involved, St Elizabeth reverend and counsellor Miguel Serju said.

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