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Dirty Text Messages Not Only in Tiger’s Den

Dirty text messages are not just something that Tiger Woods does!  Apparently, John Mayer is into sexting

John Mayer sends dirty text messages too.

John Mayer sends dirty text messages too.

as well.

“I can text whatever I want to anybody in the world; I’m not married,” said Mayer, 32.  “I write a lot of dirty text messages to girls, and you’ve never seen any of them.”

Mayer goes on to say that the only reason that Tiger Woods is in hot water from his racy text messages is that Tiger was married.  “If a girl brought a dirty text message from me to the newspapers, they’d say, ‘I don’t have an angle here,” said Mayer.

Apparently, Tiger’s over-sexting appetite has got him into some more trouble and this time with porn star Joslyn James. On Wednesday, James released some of her tawdry text messages from the world’s greatest golfer.

“You please me like no other has or ever will,” Woods wrote to James on Oct. 1, 2009. “I am not losing that.”

James, who spoke at the office of attorney Glorida Allred (the same attorney that represented Rachel Uchitel),  said she spoke out now because she is angry that a Canadian company has put her portrait on a golf ball it is selling as part of its “Mistress Collection.” The set includes a dozen golf balls emblazoned with pictures of Uchitel, Jaime Grubbs and other women linked to Tiger Woods.

“I feel that it is wrong for a golf ball to have my picture on it because golfers hit their golf balls with a lot of force,” James said.

Sexting Can Land You in Jail

We’ve done a number of stories at the Text Message Blog about Sexting.  Why?  Well, we love text

Sadly, some of these guys were just sexting with a hot Chinese woman.

Sadly, some of these guys were just sexting with a hot Chinese woman.

messaging and we love sex! (lol)

Now, the word from China, which is an exploding market for cell phones and text messaging, is that you can land in jail if you are sexting there.

Chinese authorities are now monitoring SMS text messages and are looking for erotic text messages (How would you like that job?).  Anyone caught sexting will find themselves facing jail time in China.  (I know a buddy of mine who might like to send his wife to China after finding his wife sexting with the guy who she met at a trade show.)

In the Henan province in China, one offending sexting message is grounds for spending five days in jail.  Chinese citizens who send three of more sexy text messages will detained for a maximum of 10 days in jail.  Chinese authorities in Henan held 480 meetings in the past month in order to deal with the “erotic SMS problem.”

This may be surprising to those of us living in the West, but China monitors all communications within its borders.  So, its no surprise that they would be monitoring the text messages.  You have to wonder, however, given the mass of people, just how few of the messages it can monitor percentage wise.

So, the message to be learned is that if you plan on sexting, do it in the USA and not in China.  Unless, of course, your husband might see your messages.

Some Text Abbreviations Parents Should Know

Parents might want to be aware of some of the text message abbreviations on their teen childrens’ phones.  Such abbreviations are often indications of sexting or codes for illicit activities.

“KPC”– the code stands for “keeping parents clueless.” The abbreviation “420″ is code for “Let’s get high,” “TDTM” is short for “talk dirty to me,” or “LH6,” which stands for “Let’s have sex.”

Other codes that could cause concern include “LMIRL,” short for “let’s meet in real life,” and “NIFOC,” abbreviation for “naked in front of computer.”

Sexting: 12 Rules for Dirty Text Messages

Part two of a two part series by Anthony Wayne exploring the art of “sexting”–the sending of sexually explicit text messages, instant messages, or emails to a member of the opposite sex in an attempt to increase sexual tension.

Recently, a married friend of mine attended a popular trade show.  He met an older, also married, woman there who was without her husband and they were clearly attracted to each other.  The friend sent her a photo by email and one thing led to another.  Soon they were involved in a series of dirty text messages, emails, and phone calls that would make the editors of Penthouse blush.

Sending dirty text messages, or sexting, is growing among teens and adults.  It just seems so…innocent.

That was until she told him he’d be in a nearby town and should meet her at a hotel.  That’s when he realized it had gone too far and he ended it before causing potential irreparable harm to both of their marriages.

My friend shared these text messages and emails with me and I must say, both of them were quite good at sexting.  In reading the sexting messages, I could see how sexting was such an attraction to two married people involved in rather traditional lifestyles with comfortable homes, kids, and a couple of dogs.

  1. Messages were short and direct.  No messing about here.  Get right to the point.  Send the kind of messages that you like to yell out during vacation sex after you’ve drank a couple bottles of wine.
  2. Given the short length of the messages, sexting acronyms can really help out.  Your sexting partner will have fun figuring them out.  “TAY” is a popular one to write even if you don’t mean it.
  3. The messages are witty and creative.  When you are writing less than 160 characters on a text message screen, you don’t have much room for wordiness and that actually added to the creativity.  When sexting, you need to take advantage of all the characters you can.
  4. You can be bolder in a written message.  Many people can’t say these bad words, but writing them is a totally different story.  And, it seems much less offensive.
  5. It’s low risk.  Since the written message doesn’t have any verbal inflection, if the sexting partner is offended, you can always say you were “JK” (just kidding).
  6. There’s no problem with shyness in the written word.  You’d never think the PTA president and church usher could say those kinds of things, would you?
  7. It’s a no committal way to say that you like somebody.  If the sexting partner doesn’t return the banter, so what?  Nothing lost, nothing gained.
  8. Rapid fire emails and text messages can really heat up the sexual tension, but be prepared to be disappointed when your sexting partner needs to go to a meeting or take the kid to basketball practice.
  9. Give it a break sometimes.  If you are getting hot emails and text messages all day, it ceases to be hot.  It just seems desperate.
  10. Don’t get drunk and start sexting.  It can be a real turnoff if you use the “L” word.  Your sexting partner doesn’t really love you; at most, she’s just looking for a booty call in a small city hotel.
  11. Double check whom you’re sending the dirty text message or email to.  You don’t want Mom to get the message intended for the girl you met at the hotel bar in Vegas.
  12. Remember, you are playing with fire here. If you are in a committed relationship, be very careful.  You can really ruin a good thing for nothing more than a sexting fantasy.

When you do finally meet your sexting partner (and you probably will given the sexual tension built up), you are going to have a lot to live up to.  Better keep up the carnal conversation or your partner will be disappointed.  This isn’t about hugging and kissing.

Sexting: Not Just for Teens Any More

Part One of a special report from Anthony Wayne on sexting –the new found use of sending explicit text messages, instant messages, or emails to a potential sex partner.

Sexting isn’t just about teens sending naked or semi-nude pictures to each other any more.

Reaction to finding out about husbands sexting habit.

Reaction to finding out about husband's sexting habit.

A USA Today study showed that 39% of teens and 59% of young adults aged 20 to 26 had engaged in some kind of sexting. Sexting, if you haven’t heard, is the sending of sexually explicit text messages, IM’s or emails to a potential lover.

Middle aged men and women aren’t usually the trend setters; they leave trend setting to the younger crowd. Just recently, for example, are those 35+ getting involved with Facebook. They are now also getting involved in sexting.

Married women are especially vulnerable to sexting affairs. As they get older, many women feel as though their husbands take them for granted. This could be because they are going through the change of life, they are bored with their husbands, or another man pays attention to them while their husbands are struggling by working overtime in an attempt to make ends meet for the family in a difficult economy.

With the advent of the internet, it’s especially easy to find an old lover online. It takes you back to a time when life was simpler and young love was in the air. You may have not seen your high school sweetheart for many years, but a simple Google search can find them. And, the emails soon start. This leads to suggestive comments, perhaps in the form of acronyms. There’s nothing to lose. You don’t live in the same town and it seems so innocent.

But, it can lead to deadly results for your marriage if your spouse finds out. Even if you didn’t initially plan on meeting at a hotel for sex, the sexual tension created by the sexually suggestive messages can lead to it. It seems exciting in a marriage that has become boring. It will only be a one time thing. It will make you feel good and your spouse will never find out.

The problem is that your spouse will find out. They always do. The sexting becomes a drug that you can’t get away from. It’s too exciting. It’s too invigorating. You want to end it, but you can’t.

And, when your spouse does find out, will he believe that you weren’t really having sex? It is an emotional affair and often emotional affairs are harder to accept than physical ones, especially for men.

So, while it may seem like sexting is putting a little innocent spice in your otherwise boring life, remember that your spouse does love you, even if he doesn’t show it too well. And, if he finds out, it will rip his heart out.