If you work in Mobile Marketing, you know an eye-catching and accessible landing page is essential when it comes to generating leads. There’s a highly probable chance that if your already existing landing page isn’t getting leads, it might have something to do with your copy. In this blog post, we’re going to go over ways to ensure copy not only meets expectations, but exceeds them, in turn leading to a higher number of converts.

  • Your Copy Doesn’t Tell Users What You Can Do For Them

Often when people visit a landing page there’s writing that mostly tells them what’s featured, informing them what the product or service is about, but not enough emphasis on what you’re specifically offering them. Informing your customer on what they want VS. why they need your product could be the make or break decision on getting converts.

  • You’re Not Appealing To Emotions 

Customers oftentimes think they’re making decisions based on logic and rational, but more often than not, they’re making choices based solely off impulse and emotions. Logic comes later on in the final justification of the purchase. For example, a customer may add a number of emotionally appealing items to their cart on Amazon.com without really giving it a second thought. Once users get to the final checkout stage they begin to analyze pricing and contemplate if the features of the items they want are useful or worthy of buying.

Your landing page should have this kind of emotional appeal initially. Go for what’s eye catching and appeals to the senses.

  • Your Copy is Redundant

Copywriters like words. So much so that they often get carried away in creating copy that looks pretty, but doesn’t necessarily give the customer the information they need. As a copywriter, this is a fault I am often guilty of myself. We become too dependent on throwing in fancy buzzwords to the detriment of the piece as a whole. By all means, have an impressively written copy, but first and foremost, make sure your copy is clear and direct in what you’re offering. Your clients are making purchases based on a dependable product/services, not the strength of your writing skills.