5 Things You Need to Know About the Apple Watch

Have you been wondering, “What is the Apple Watch?” or “Is it affordable for someone like me?”  If so, you’re not alone.  Let’s face it, we are starting to become a society depending on Apple products.  This year, Apple introduced the Apple Watch and it’s created quite a buzz not only in the tech world, but even around the water coolers.  Let’s answer some questions.

1.  How much is it?  The price ranges from $349 (£299, AU$499) for Sport Edition to $17,000 for 18K gold plated edition.  Whoa! That’s a lot of dough!  If you’re an Apple freak, then you may want to invest in this product but we wouldn’t suggest replacing your iphone with this trendy gadget quite yet.

2.  How does it work?  The reviews have shown that the Apple Watch has a pretty good battery life, easy navigation, and it is user friendly.  Apple has set up this awesome video tutorial (would you expect less than the best from Apple?)

3.  Who’s wearing it?  Many people have purchased the Apple Watch but it’s definitely not main stream yet.  Besides Katy Perry (see picture below) and Drake, you’re probably not seeing the Apple Watch on many people.  Give it some time and we’re confident that once it’s more affordable, your BFF will be wearing one. questions about apple watch

4. Would I like it?  Chances are you would enjoy this fun wearable gadget and you would be the coolest kid in town.  However, tech experts are suggesting that it’s a good idea to wait until the operating system and the app ecosystem have some time to mature.


5.  Will it come down in price?  Just like anything, it will come down in price but we can’t say when.  Experts believe that Apple is currently aiming toward those with luxurious lifestyles but your day may come relatively soon.

Are you planning on purchasing an Apple Watch? We would love to hear your thoughts!  Maybe you’ve already been wearing it? Comment below!




Author: Toni Schmidt

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