Restaurants Using Text Message Marketing

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Many restaurants are using text message marketing for effective marketing campaigns.  Businesses in the food industry are finding success with this SMS based approach because it offers a direct and ‘user friendly’ platform for their customers.  Using SMS-based text messaging, businesses can leverage sponsorship, campaigns, and updates easily. Not only is SMS messaging simple, but it also offers businesses the best ROI of any mobile marketing that they do, because their consumers WANT TO RECEIVE THEIR MESSAGE.  Large corporations such as Chipotle recently announced that they are joining forces with Tough Mudder (a very popular mud and obstacle race) to run a text message campaign. Both corporations are leveraging this dynamic campaign with huge giveaways, an all expensive paid getaway as well at free burritos for a year in exchange for mobile numbers.  This will allow both partners to get noticed and get customers to opt in for future promotions.

Another advantage to SMS based marketing for restaurants is the convenience factor. Restaurant owners are interested in reaching customers who are hungry and ‘on the go’ (not using a PC) which makes mobile marketing an attractive option.  This allows restaurants to get an edge on their competition.

These campaigns are not only effective for very large restaurants, even small ‘mom and pop’ shops such as Main Line Pizza are finding success with text message marketing by targeting local customers using mobile coupons via opt-in feature.  You can watch a video about this campaign here.

Text Message Marketing increases sales



Author: Toni Schmidt

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