Is your phone the only travel gadget you need?

There used to be so much to remember when traveling. You needed extra luggage to hold the paperwork relating to your hotel reservations and car hire; wallets and bum bags were a necessity for your cash, cards and passport; and alongside the extra luggage came the constant worry of losing any of them.

In our ever-changing world where technology advances are daily occurrences, your phone has become the most essential item you will need when traveling. It is arguably indispensable. It is no longer seen as socially unacceptable to carry your phone everywhere you go or spend time looking at it on the beach or even in a restaurant, as your phone carries so much information crucial to your travel arrangements.

Though many people still use their mobile phone to make calls and texts while traveling, smartphones now provide so much more data pertinent to your travel that its use as a phone is often secondary. The smartphone has become invaluable in its use as a navigation device, camera, social media tool and email facility, as well as holding the all-important flight schedules, business or holiday itinerary and hotel booking information.

Using your phone as a financial tool is also an increasingly popular and worthwhile exercise. There are apps that hold information on your trip, the costs, itinerary and your planned expenditure while away. Furthermore, there are apps that monitor planned and actual expenditure to ensure that you remain within budget. One of the most crucial financial apps to have is one that allows you access to your funds wherever you are. In cases where you need to transfer funds into your account, Trans-Fast not only provides a fast, efficient and reliable service but also converts your cash to the currency of need, saving you time and expense in seeking the most competitive exchange rates.

Apps on your mobile phone can keep you up to date with arrivals and departures at the airport, ensuring that you are constantly in control of your travel arrangements. They can allow you to manage delays or weather issues more effectively and ensure that disruptions in service have the least effect on your plans as possible. There are multiple apps that recommend the best local restaurants and can even reserve a table for you: just type in the town and where you will be staying and it will track down the ones nearest to you. Worried about the sun? A sunscreen app will not only tell you the UVI rating of your chosen location but also send you a reminder for when you next need to smother yourself in more lotion!

Your phone can handle apps to assist in translation issues, tell you where the nearest car park is, provide you with talking city guides and even find you the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot, so you can share all the information you are collecting with your friends and family. The phone has undoubtedly become the trip’s essential item.



Author: Janel Forsythe

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