List Giant: Identifying Ideal Prospects Through Mailing Lists

List Giant is a mailing list broker that helps marketers to compile affordable mailing lists of their ideal prospective customers. Marketers have the opportunity to choose from compiled, specialty and customized lists.  Based on how much a marketer is willing to pay for their services, List Giant will provide thousands of already compiled lists for the marketer’s perusal, or a List Giant consultant will build a customized mailing list for the company based off of their specified demographics.

List Giant builds each mailing list based on specific geographical and housing information, as well as other basic demographics. After compiling the list, List Giant allows marketers to access your list in a variety of ways. Marketers can download their mailing list directly from the site in minutes, or if they prefer, have it mailed directly to their offices. List Giant even buys back marketers’ old and outdated lists and exchanges them for new ones. List Giant has 24/7 support for any and all questions that users may have.

Overall, List Giant is a great way to identify and reach prospects in your target market.



Author: Caitlyn Foster

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