Happy 20th Birthday Text Message

The text message turns 20 today and is no longer a teenager. It was 20 years ago today that Neil Papworth, a British engineer, sent the first text message. Papworth used his computer to wish a “Merry Christmas” to Richard Jarvis, of Vodafone. Papworth didn’t get a reply because there was no way to send a text from a phone in those days. Years later, Papworth was featured in a Super Bowl ad!

The first text messages were free, but could only be sent between people with the same carriers. By February 2001 the UK was sending one billion texts a month, which at the standard 10p-a-text charge meant the business was raking in about £100m a month.

We at the Text Message Blog have been around for so long that we actually celebrated the 15th birthday of the text message just five years ago. See you on the 25th!



Author: Bob Bentz

Bob Bentz is an experienced entrepreneur with expertise in mobile marketing, seo, internet marketing, IVR, online dating, and fantasy baseball. Bob Bentz on Google+

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