Mobile Search Set To Fuel Call-Based Ads

by Norman Barret

Over the last year U.S. spent $ 132.8 billion in businesses of which $68.4 billion or 46.5% aimed to drive telephone leads, according to a BIA/Kelsey report which highlights the trend toward call-based ads. Besides U.S. small businesses spent $41.1 billion on local advertising. Of that, $24.7 billion — or 60.1% — of all SMBs earmarked budgets for generating telephone leads, said BIA/Kelsey analyst Matt Booth. About 11% of companies now use call tracking to follow leads from the Web, up 5% in one year.

Booth said call conversion from a local search on a desktop local is 7%, once the landing page is viewed, compared with 57% from a mobile device. Also Mobile applications can drive up to 62% of telephone calls. BIA/Kelsey forecasts in the year of 2016 in U.S. for business purpose 70 billion calls will be generated of which most of the calls will be from mobile devices.

In the last year average U.S.-based business received 10.9 calls per month from desktop search and 34.7 calls per month from mobile, including mobile search. In 2013, the average U.S.-based business will receive 13.8 calls per month as a result of desktop search and 80.9 calls from mobile, according to the report. Research also shows that between 10% and 30% of calls are high-quality lead-based calls to a business.



Author: Bob Bentz

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