What’s With Free Text Message Services?

There are ways that you can send free sms online from your business to your customers and prospects.  You may be wondering “how can that be” given that all of the short code sites that you’ve visited clearly have a charge associated with them.

Well, one difference for most free solutions is that they send messages from a long code rather than a short code, meaning that your consumer will be opting-in via a text message opt-in to a 10-digit number rather than a short code that is usually only 5 digits.

While this may be a little more cumbersome for the consumer, the ultimate cost savings are certainly something that you’ll need to weigh against what you are already doing with a short code.  Also, it may be that some consumers, especially teens, have a short code block on their phones so this may be one way to get around that hurdle.



Author: BallparkBob

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