Texting and Walking

We all know about the dangers of texting and driving.  One topic that is discussed less often is texting and walking.  Even though the dangers seem less severe, they are still present and must be accounted for!

A recent survey by textPlus, a mobile app by Android, said that 65% of people admit to texting while walking.  However, further research indicates that texting while walking is more relevant to age.  About 73% of cell phone users between the ages of 13-17 admit to texting and walking.  Furthermore, only 50% of cell phone users between the ages of 35-44 admit to texting and walking.  These numbers are evident that age plays a major role in the risk of texting and walking.  Why? Everybody has their own opinion but most likely because younger people think that their text message is more important that watching the path in front of them.  63% of the cell phone users all together believe that texting and walking is safe depending on your location.  What is your opinion on texting and walking?



Author: Bob Bentz

Bob Bentz is an experienced entrepreneur with expertise in mobile marketing, seo, internet marketing, IVR, online dating, and fantasy baseball. Bob Bentz on Google+

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