Guest post from: Constance Rodgers

When my dad told me that his real estate office needed some updates, I told him that I would be more than happy to help. He recently got small business xo, and decided that he needed to update some other things in the office. He asked me if I wanted any of the furniture that is currently there, so I told him I could use a new desk in our home office. His chairs and couches in their waiting room are very outdated, so I told him that he should donate those. I am excited about helping him pick out new furniture. He is also having the entire office painted, which will give the office a new look. His copying machine broke last week, so he had to buy a new one. I was worried that he was spending so much money on his office. The real estate market right now is pretty bad, but my dad is actually still doing really well with his listings. Hopefully updating his office will bring him even more business in that field.



Author: Bob Bentz

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