Sexting: The New Booty Text

When will people learn?  Especially famous people.

Anthony Weiner's wife Huma Abedin

Anthony Weiner's desires

US Representative Anthony Weiner did it and was forced to resign because of it.  New York Congressman Chris Lee resigned also this year after sending a photo to a woman he met on Craigs List.  Both failed to recognize the damage that sexting caused to former pro quarterback Brett Favre.

So chances are that Weiner and Lee won’t be the last to get nailed in our modern society where sexting can lead to big time trouble; just ask Jesse James, Tony Parker, and Tiger Woods.

Research indicates that sexting is becoming more and more common.  The Pew Internet and American Life Project last year found that 15% of teens have received a “sexually suggestive image or video of someone they know” by text message.  The study also showed the 6% of adults 18+ have sent a nude or nearly nude photo of themselves via text message.  15% of adults reported having received such photos.

For 14 to 17-year-olds, 24% had engaged in “some form of naked sexting,” according to a study conducted by MTV.  Of those 18 to 24, the figure rises to 33%.

So, why do people continue to do it?  Especially adults who should know better.

The public release of such pictures can possibly bring down a career, but the consequences for ordinary people are that it could bring down a marriage.

“People do it because sex meets a lot of our needs and we often don’t have a partner available or willing,” said Lara West, a couples therapist in Louisville, Kentucky.  The sexter also finds it easier to express her desires online than in person.

People who go outside their marriage and engage in sexting often don’t feel as though they have done anything wrong.  They don’t consider it cheating if they didn’t actually have sex.  But, not surprisingly, the offended partner feels differently.  If a partner feels betrayed, then it is cheating.

The start of the booty call any more isn’t actually a telephone call; that takes too much effort and can be embarrassing.  It really should be called a booty text.

But, one thing is for sure.  There is no technology out there that has yet to be invented that will protect you from doing something stupid.



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