Sexting Students Often Depressed

Sexting teens depressionHigh school students who sext — the term for texting sexually suggestive or explicit messages or photos — are more likely to be depressed, a new study reveals.

The preliminary findings of an Education Development Center study show 13% of students engage in sexting, 10% of students have sent sexts in the past year, and 5% have sent sexually explicit photos of themselves. The teens involved in sexting were more likely to attempt suicide (13% vs. 3%) and were twice as likely to report depressive behaviors (36% vs. 17%).

The study, which does not specify whether sexting causes depression or vice versa, polled 23,000 teens in Boston’s western suburbs. The students polled are mainly from middle or upper class communities and 74% are white, making the findings most applicable to similar groups.



Author: Susan

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