Pay Per Click Agency to Consider

For those of you attending AdTech in New York in November, one company you may want to visit with is Bizz Click.  Bizz Click is a pay per click agency that enables advertisers and publishers to meet to help promote your product or business.

If you are an advertiser looking to promote your product, you will find a vast array of web sites willing to take your business.  You can choose to use all of the sites or target specific sites in your category of interest.

On the other hand, there’s also a place for publishers on the Bizz Click site.  Publishers of blogs are always looking for ways to earn money from their hard work on their blogs.  Bizz Click loves bloggers and will put them in touch with the advertisers that they need to make their site a great profit center.



Author: Bob Bentz

Bob Bentz is an experienced entrepreneur with expertise in mobile marketing, seo, internet marketing, IVR, online dating, and fantasy baseball. Bob Bentz on Google+

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