CBS Opts for Text Message Marketing Over QR Codes

CBS's How to be a Gentleman

CBS's How to Be a Gentleman

CBS will be opting to use text message marketing as a call to interactive action in its print campaigns for the new television season, according to an article in Mobile Marketer.

CBS is creating buzz for its fall lineup that includes five new series with SMS calls to action, which let consumers learn more about the TV shows. The ads bridge mobile, video and print.

“Everyone has phones that support SMS,” said Philippe Browning, vice president of advertising and operations at CBS Mobile, New York.  “QR codes have an added barrier with a download and although we are interested in it and have experimented with the technology, it doesn’t have the same value of a text,” he said.

Print advertising for the new Fall television season will be promoted in People, US Weekly, Entertainment Weekly and Maxim magazine.

There is no doubt that text message marketing will reach more consumers.  Recent studies show that 82% of all American cell phone users now use text messages.  In comparison, only 40% of all Americans have a smartphone so the potential market for using QR codes is considerably less.  Then, there’s the learning curve for those who still need to learn how to scan a QR code.

If CBS only had room in its ads for one method, clearly text message marketing was the way to go.  The best way for CBS, however is to promote both.  There are some consumers, especially those in younger groups who would scan a QR code for the mere novelty factor of it; those same people may not do the text message promotion.

Here’s hoping CBS will use both QR codes and text message marketing in future print campaigns.



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