Mobile clicks are about to cross all the paid impressions

In recent days A report has been published that mobile search milestone has broke all other records from the past. Mobile paid search traffic is now 12% of all paid search impressions (mobile + desktop), while mobile clicks are about to cross the 12% doorstep.



About 10% of search impression is made by mobile excluding the tablets. So we can say that tablets cover only 14% of all mobile impressions and 2% of all paid search impressions. So it makes 12%.

Here are some other findings from Performics data leap:

  • Mobile clicks represent 11.9% of all paid search clicks (June). Tablets account for 13.3% of all mobile clicks.
  • CTR: Mobile and tablet devices have caught up in the past two months with the PC for CTR. (However other data show higher mobile CTRs vs. PC)
  • PPC: “Mobile and tablet[s] . . . continue to track significantly below desktops”
    CTR Reports

    CTR Reports

    According to Performics tablets and mobile device usage has been increased radically over the PC search. Even tablets are roughly restricted to the evening period but there are other data sources that do not disagree directly with Performics, that tablets are killing PC usage.

    To summarize, then, Performics says that mobile volumes and CTR are growing, while PPC prices are below desktop levels. This suggests a “buying opportunity” to me.



Author: Ryan Chester

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