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Auto dealers are embracing the use of mobile auto dealer apps to help drive more car sales.

More than a quarter of smart phone users plan to purchase a new or used car in the next year. And, a whopping 78% of those new buyers will use their mobile device as part of the decision making process, according to an article in Media Post.

The findings come from a new study of 851 mobile users over a three month period ending February 15, 2011.

According to the survey, 15.6% of mobile users plan to buy a new car in the next year and 10.4% will purchase a previously owned vehicle. That figure bodes well for an auto industry that is clearly on the rebound after several lackluster years.

Clearly, there is a distinct correlation between the higher income users of smart phones and the typical US adult population. While only 5.5% of adult Americans plan on buying a new car in the next year, 15.6% of smart phone users are making such plans.

And, the car buying plans are being made on the mobile phone. The study found that 48% of smart phone users planning to buy a car this year are using their mobile phones to conduct initial research on a new car. 44% are using their mobile devices to comparison shop right on the auto dealer’s lot. 32% are even using their smart phones to locate an auto dealer.

Jim Stutzman Chevrolet-Cadillac is one auto dealer that is investing in the power of mobile marketing for its auto dealership. The Winchester, Virginia GM auto dealer uses the Cars2Go auto dealer app from Advanced Mobile Solutions to allow consumers to gain real time access to its current auto inventory on his lot. Consumers can also schedule service appointments via the mobile phone app.

If Stutzman wishes to contact his customers or prospects, he can do so via the send notification of the Cars2Go app or through the company’s text message marketing product. The service also generates trade in leads via its Cell Ur Car feature.

By 2013, more Americans will access the internet through their mobile device than through the internet. That’s why Jim Stutzman Chevrolet-Cadillac has invested in a mobile web site so that users can use its Click to Call feature to contact the dealership.

Jim Stutzman Chevrolet-Cadillac knows that its mobile marketing tool will drive more car sales to his dealership so that’s why he’s made the investment in it.

“Everything is moving to the mobile phone,” said Stutzman, “so why should car buying be any different?”



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