6 Great Christmas Gifts


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Great Christmas gifts for the mobile lover.

Great Christmas gifts for the mobile lover.

Looking for the perfect gift this year? Anyone who uses their smartphone on a daily basis will love the next six gifts:

1)    Agloves – ($17.99) – Never take off your gloves to use your touchscreen again. Developed by Boulder, Colorado outdoor enthusiasts, Agloves are gloves that are woven with silver-coated nylon fibers that allow you to operate your phone.  Contrary to popular belief, touchscreens are not responsive to heat, but rather, they are capacitive and activated by tiny bioelectric signals from your skin. Silver is the most conductive element, and allows electricity to flow through the fibers. Agloves are a must-have product and a great holiday gift!

2)    Gelaskins – ($8 to $20) – Phones don’t just make calls anymore, they are part of your identity. Gelaskins’ 3M backing leaves no residue and you have the choice of over 100+ global artists that have created high-resolution skins for your phone. For that extra personal touch, you can customize your own Gelaskin with an image of your choice. 

3)    EyeClops Mini Projector – ($41 on Amazon) – This handheld projector works with iPhones and MP3 players via an RCA cable and produces a surprisingly high-quality image.  The projector is small enough that you can bring it along for business presentations or to simply show your friend the newest Keenan Cahill video.

4)    Wireless Smartphone Charger – ($25 to $40) – Powermat, the most popular wireless phone charger, is a practical gift for anyone. The mat automatically detects when your devices have reached full charge and automatically shuts off to conserve electricity. Capable of charging up to three devices at a time, Powermat claims it eliminates “cord fatigue” among consumers.  Yes, Americans are that lazy.

5)    Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones – ($100 to $250) – While most stock headphones for mobile devices are adequate, the advancements in audio engineering have been remarkable. Beats by Dr. Dre are an affordable alternative to the Noise Canceling Headphones by Bose.  I tried out these headphones yesterday and was amazed by their sonic range.  With both in-ear and over-ear models, Beats by Dr. Dre delivers a rich full-range sound that blows normal headphones out of the water. 

6)   Smartphone Car Mount – ($10 to $50) – With most phones capable of geo-location and turn-by-turn directions, a car mount allows consumers to easily and safely navigate the roads.  Navigating while driving can now be safe and cheap.  Great gift for commuters or young drivers!



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