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As the NFL season comes down the home stretch of the 2010 campaign, many teams are fighting for playoff spots and the ultimate goal of playing in Super Bowl XLV.

Get Clickz is pleased to announce its Football’s Hottest Wives contest for the 2010 season. Get Clickz has narrowed its eligible contestants to the final Sweet 16 of hot wives. Now, it’s your turn to decide which hot wife of a current NFL player will take home the coveted title of Football’s Hottest Wife for 2010. You can vote online or you can vote by text message.

To be eligible, a wife must be currently married to a player who is currently on an NFL roster. Sorry, Simone Ward (Hines), you get divorced, you are no longer eligible. You must also be married to a current NFL player. If this were not a requirement, we’d still have Jane Russell (Bob Waterfield) in the contest.

Now, it’s time for the hottest women of the Gridiron and Football’s Hottest Wives. Enjoy.

Hank Baskett's wife
Kendra Wilkinson (Hank Baskett) – Text HOTTEST 1 to 84444
Tom Brady's wife

Gisele Bundchen (Tom Brady) - Text HOTTEST 2 to 84444


Katina Taylor (Jason)

Katina Taylor (Jason) - Text HOTTEST 3 to 84444

Aaron Ross's wife

Sanya Richards (Aaron Ross) Text HOTTEST 4 to 84444

Tony Gonzalez' wife
October Russell Gonzalez (Tony) – Text HOTTEST 5 to 84444
Kyle Boller's wife

Carrie Prejean (Kyle Boller) - Text HOTTEST 6 to 84444

Alex Smith's wife
Elizabeth Barry (Alex Smith) – Text HOTTEST 7 to 84444
Chris Cooley's Wife

Christy Oglevee (Chris Cooley) - Text HOTTEST 8 to 84444

A.J. Feeley's wife

Heather Mitts (AJ Feeley) - Text HOTTEST 9 to 84444

Drew Brees' wife
Brittany Brees (Drew) – Text HOTTEST 10 to 84444

Tim Hasselbeck's wife

Elisabeth Hasselbeck (Tim Hasselbeck) - Text HOTTEST 11 to 84444

Santana Moss's wife

Latisha Allen Moss (Santana) - Text HOTTEST 12 to 84444

Quentin Jammer's wife

Alicia Jammer (Quentin) - Text HOTTEST 13 to 84444

Eli Schaub wife

Lauri Schaub (Matt) - Text HOTTEST 14 to 84444

Kellen Winslow wife

Janelle Winslow (Kellen) - Text HOTTEST 15 to 84444

Eli Manning's wife

Abby Manning (Eli) - Text HOTTEST 16 to 84444




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