Statistics Show Women’s Increasing Interest In Mobile Coupons

Today, out of women from the ages 16-54 who use mobile devices, 93% say they are on the lookout for bargains.  Retail companies are continually looking to please the consumers by giving them what they want.  It has been proven through surveys and their data that women are extremely persuaded by coupons and discounts.  68% of women have said that they are fascinated by the idea of receiving discounts via their mobile devices.  Along with discounts, coupons are desired.  Approximately 53% of women say they are most interested in retail coupons, followed by approximately 16% interested in dining coupons.  These eager women come from the 94% of women who browse the mobile web at home daily.

Mobile Ads have also become frequent amongst women and their attention.  When asked if they have ever clicked on a mobile ad, out of 875 responses, approximately 57% responded yes, 28% responded no, and 15% were neutral.  Women are increasing their attention on the advertisements within the mobile web.



Author: MollyEarly

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