How Pizza Restaurants Use Text Messages

SAUCY: Text message marketing can sell more pizzas.

SAUCY: Text message marketing can sell more pizzas.


Interactive and broadcast messaging is taking its toll on the marketing industry. Pizza restaurants have the ability to target the mobile industry based on interactive text message programs.  Their first goal is to create as big of a database as possible by using sweepstakes and mobile coupons through their advertisements. 


A pizza restaurant can use permission based marketing in order to build a database of interested consumers.  The customer opts-in to the promotion or offers by texting a keyword to a short code. For example, text pizza to short code 84444.  Then, the text message solution invoices immediately an automatic response including the advertised mobile coupon or promotion; for example, buy 1 pizza get the other half off.


This mobile strategy can easily be added to the existing marketing strategies.  Any customer would shun advertisements to be sent to their mobile device; however they would enjoy receiving mobile coupons that are accepted at the register of their favorite pizza restaurants.  In order to advertise their mobile coupons and promotions, there are several things the restaurant can do; including sign up sheets in public places, where the customer can physically opt-in to receiving promotions to their phones, or have radio broadcasting in which it advertises the keyword and short code. 


Once a restaurant has built a database of interested consumers, they now have the capability to send out broadcast texts that include mobile coupons, promotions, specials, or information regarding the restaurant. The restaurant can use this to promote its restaurant personally and beneficially.  For example, if they are generally slow on a particular day, they can send broadcast texts with mobile coupons promoting that day specifically. 



Author: MollyEarly

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