Advanced Mobile Solution’s Product Cars2Go Creates Support Website

Cars2Go Support website provides video tutorials, and marketing strategies, along with full tech support and guidance for its customers. The product, Cars2Go offers auto dealers, dealer groups, and OEM’s with efficient mobile web tools and do-it-yourself marketing. The support website was built, designed, and managed in house.

The site provides an easy way to contact the support staff. Customers of Cars2Go can benefit from this site because any of their questions can be answered, while they can also retain information to better their service to their customers looking for vehicles.

For this type of product, Cars2Go is the only one in which a Support site exists. This site is unique to the market and provides simple and effective ways to answer the customer’s questions. There are guides in which provide instructions and advice on how you should use your product. The support website enables customers to be able to work on their marketing strategies at all times rather than dealing with technicalities.

This new and improved style of mobile marketing engages consumers in order to help sell more vehicles around the country. Cars2Go provides easy to use mobile websites in which include information about the specific dealership for the consumer. This information includes new and used inventory on the lot at any point in time, along with detailed descriptions, pictures, mileage, and much more on exact vehicles.



Author: MollyEarly

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