Mobile Commerce Hitting Adult Consumers

May 2010 U.S. Mobile Consumer Briefing was the most recent survey done by The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA).  The survey included information on adult consumers and their growing mobile marketing usage.  People are increasing the amount of commerce on their mobile phones every day, as technology increases.  Most respondents from the survey considered mobile commerce to be completely safe, secure, and trustworthy.  According to MMA there is a new definition for mobile commerce.  Mobile commerce is the one or two-way trade for something of value done by a mobile consumer electronic device.

The survey sampled 1,000 U.S. adult consumers, where they found that one in every five are now using mobile commerce.  Statistics have now proven that technology and mobile marketing are soaring.  From the survey, 17% of mobile commerce was used for applications or ring tones, 6% used their mobile phones for coupons and or discounts, and another 6% used their phones for physical goods.  The most used mobile phones for commerce included the Blackberry and the iPhone.  Out of the iPhone owners, over 50% have used it to purchase mobile content, where out of the Blackberry users, 34% have purchased mobile content.

BlackBerry and iPhone owners use mobile commerce the most

BlackBerry and iPhone owners use mobile commerce the most

Some of the questions in which MMA’s U.S. Mobile Consumer Briefing included were topics such as the different types of commercial transactions used with the mobile phone within the month, which accounts the respondent used to make the transactions, which mobile media which was used to either make the transaction or search for products (i.e. application, mobile Web, text message).

The United States commerce as a whole is slowing and increasingly including mobile commerce into the mainstream.  Years ago, the world saw consumers purchasing games, ring tones, and other excess applications, whereas now consumers are branching out to other services and physical goods. This growth and strength of the mobile phone and its capabilities highlights the effectiveness of the mobile channel.  This increases marketers capabilities as well concerning coupons and discounts on their products through the mobile device to make it simple for the consumer.

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