Text Message Use for Real Estate Agents

Businesses are increasingly turning text message services to enhance new and existing customers’ experience with their brand or service. The main trends in commercial text messaging are promotional campaigns and information services as well as notifications, alerts and reminders.

Savvy real estate agents can use text message marketing to communicate with clients and not be overly-aggressive.

Savvy real estate agents can use text message marketing to communicate with clients and not be overly-aggressive.

Engaging with customers

Promotional campaigns using text messaging aim at providing an immediate and interactive experience with a brand via a consumer’s mobile phone. Many lifestyle brands and retail stores blend above-the-line (mass media) and below-the-line (targeted) advertising and marketing strategies for text campaigns.

These promotional campaigns take either a text push or text pull approach. In a text pull campaign a promotional competition, voting line, customer satisfaction research, or in-store campaign is used to attract customers’ attention. The call to action is an incoming number service to which customers send their text and receive an automated reply.

A text push campaign is where promotional messages are sent by a business to a specific customer demographic. These customers have given explicit permission to receive text messages from the company and expect to be kept updated on promotions, product launch events and the arrival of new stock.

Scheduling appointments

Service industries rely on managing client’s appointment times to ensure the smooth running of a business – whether it’s a medical or dental practice, a wellness clinic, or sales representative on the road. In these and other cases, text messaging is increasingly becoming the standard way of confirming appointments and sending out appointment reminders a day ahead of a scheduled appointment.

Promoting properties

Text messaging also provides benefits for real estate agents. They use text messaging as a convenient way to communicate with prospective buyers by sending them information about a new property on the market. If a buyer is interested in viewing the property then can respond via text or call the agent.

Another way real estate agents have taken up texting is in using incoming numbers when advertising properties. A prospective buyer is able to respond to the advert by sending a text to incoming number service to make an enquiry or make a booking to view the property.

Text is best

Businesses using text messaging are finding that the fast delivery of succinct messages to targeted consumers and the ability of text messaging to initiate a conversation with new customers helps in reducing their communications costs when it comes to marketing and advertising spend.

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