568 Text Messages per Month

Mobile data service revenues grew by 27% from quarter 3, 2008 to quarter 3, 2009 to a total of $11.3 billion

Americans average 568 text messages per month.

Americans average 568 text messages per month.

 in the United States.  Growth by quarter was up 5%, according to a study by Chetan Sharma Consulting.

Benefiting most from the increase was Verizon and AT&T which garnered 80% of the increase.  In fact, Verizon is the second largest producer of mobile data service revenue in the world behind only Japan’s DoCoMo.  In the United States, Verizon and AT&T now have 68.5% of the US market for mobile data and 61.5% of the subscribers.

Another interesting point of the study is that the average amount of messages sent per month per consumer in the USA has now reached 568 messages.  That is a 4% increase from last quarter.  The world leader in text messages sent per subscriber is the Phillipines.



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