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I just wanted to tell everyone about a great place to get new car reviews. My wife and I were looking for a practical new family car and decided to search the Internet for a 2010 Honda.

We tried originally going to the dealer’s site. Once there however, there are absolutely no reviews of the vehicles except those from very happy customers.

Then we decided to try to Google the different cars. It was like trying to look up someone in the phonebook with the last name “Smith”. The numbers were mind boggling.

We ended up at a site called What a time saver! Every car you could imagine can be found here. Not only American cars but European cars as well. The reviews are concise, reliable and simple to read. The reviews include how many passengers the vehicle will hold, (which is important to my wife and I as we have 3 kids!) gas mileage, cargo capacity, tow capacity (for those family trips) and reliability scores. And you don’t have to sift through pages and pages of reviews. The site is easy to use and set up in a way that you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for.

Turns out what we researched several cars after going on We also were intrigued by the 2010 Ford Focus.

We found out by using the site that we could actually afford more car than we thought. Gas mileage and warranty information is included which allowed us to check out a Cadillac review and the new Mercury review. Great cars for not a lot!



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