Mobile Marketing: Online businesses guide to advertising

Mobile marketing by an online business just makes sense and every now and again we comes across a strategy that we just can’t ignore.

There’s no doubt that an entity like an online casino is in a competitive business and that they need to constantly come up with fresh and innovative ways to attract players to their establishments.

A simple text message with a bonus code that drives people towards a site via an imbedded link is perhaps one of the smartest mobile advertising strategies we have seen in a while, as players are not only given an incentive to visit a certain site, they are rewarded in the most lucrative way possible. This principle can be applied to all kinds of industries and utilized almost across the board as vouchers or discounts could take the place of a bonus or casino-style incentive.

Potential players for mobile establishments like attention is caught by short text messages that offers an incentive to them to visit the site by offering them free money or bonuses. This is almost a sure-fire way of guaranteeing an audience expansion, even if it is just a once off for some.

These casinos are implementing the use of a marketing tool that is being accessed on the exact device the gaming will take place, thus a player is already one step closer to gaming the minute they open the text.

Text messages are a pared down version of other types of mobile marketing strategies that have been employed in the past, but have been less successful as they have not been as simple in their execution. It seems that the text-bonus-reward strategy works really well, and it allows for sites to regularly update their players without spamming them unnecessarily. It’s almost a rewards-based type of advertising, but judging by the results it clearly works.

Many online entities initially tried to utilize the QR code as a standalone marketing option but this was quickly vetoed as those wanting to claim some sort of prize or reward seem to rely on almost instant gratification, and a text message with a simple copy-paste code fulfills this need far better.

It’s great to see that more and more industries are taking note of mobile marketing, and what better way to attract attention than on a mobile device that serves a variety of multimedia functions?

Top Tips To Text

Get More out of Your Text Message SMS Marketing

Many businesses and organizations try doing text message marketing, but not all of them do it right. In fact, many don’t even come close to doing it right.

We’ve seen a lot of text marketing tips over the years, but never have we compiled a list of this size!

Watch the video below and you’ll see Bob Bentz’s Top Ten Message Marketing Tips.

Can’t get enough? Click through to the complete list here.



10 Best Text Message Marketing Services

It is quite obvious to marketers that text message marketing is a great way to reach your customers on a very intimate level. With 91% of all Americans within reach of their mobile devices 24/7, text message marketing is ideal for connecting with consumers when they are most likely to buy!

Although choosing text message marketing is a no-brainer, there are so many text message marketing services out there that it can be confusing for marketers to decide which program to use. We have compiled a list of the ten best text message marketing services that will hopefully help to aid you in your text message marketing efforts. is a text message marketing service based in the suburbs of Philadelphia. offers a full suite of services includes text interactive, text broadcast, text vote, text contest and text coupon. Continue reading

Hawaii Bans Texting and Driving

Hawaii has recently become the 40th state in the United States to ban texting while driving. The director of the Governor’s Highway Safety Association, Barbara Harsha, stated, “This action sends an important message to all Hawaii drivers: cell phone use and driving do not mix.”  In addition to text messaging, all hand-held cell phone use is also prohibited by the new law.

The campaign for banning texting and driving began in 2007 when smartphones with text message capabilities started gaining popularity in the United States. A majority of states acted quickly when it came to banning cell phone use while driving. Currently, only ten states do not have legislation concerning texting and driving, but progress is being made in several of these states. Texting bans are currently pending in both Texas and Florida, two of the largest states in America.

List Giant: Identifying Ideal Prospects Through Mailing Lists

List Giant is a mailing list broker that helps marketers to compile affordable mailing lists of their ideal prospective customers. Marketers have the opportunity to choose from compiled, specialty and customized lists.  Based on how much a marketer is willing to pay for their services, List Giant will provide thousands of already compiled lists for the marketer’s perusal, or a List Giant consultant will build a customized mailing list for the company based off of their specified demographics.

List Giant builds each mailing list based on specific geographical and housing information, as well as other basic demographics. After compiling the list, List Giant allows marketers to access your list in a variety of ways. Marketers can download their mailing list directly from the site in minutes, or if they prefer, have it mailed directly to their offices. List Giant even buys back marketers’ old and outdated lists and exchanges them for new ones. List Giant has 24/7 support for any and all questions that users may have.

Overall, List Giant is a great way to identify and reach prospects in your target market.